Stage hypnosis can be a very effective way to promote yourself and build a profitable hypnosis business. While preparation is essential, spontaneity and knowledge about the structure as well as the ins and outs of a stage hypnosis program are crucial to delivering a great, successful performance.

In this episode, I share how to harness and leverage success as a stage hypnotist. I’ll explain why you need to build genuine moments in your program, the importance of being present and in the moment while working with stage participants, and the framework necessary to make stage inductions massively entertaining. I’ll also explain how you can use these strategies while working with individual clients to help them achieve greater success and better results.

“You are the director of your program.” — Jason Linett

  • The format of most hypnotists on stage
  • The importance of an entertaining induction
  • Future-pacing vs product-pacing marketing strategies for hypnotists.
  • The importance of having a “compliance precedes suggestibility” approach while working with stage hypnosis participants and clients
  • How to select stage hypnosis volunteers that are in compliance with you
  • How I address a common concern for schools regarding stage hypnosis programs
  • How to build up when beginning a hypnosis career
  • Introducing hypnosis vs. showing what hypnosis is good for
  • Why you shouldn’t say “Hypnosis works!”
  • The effect of adding a modifier to “hypnosis works…”
  • Why you should avoid taking sides when doing stage hypnosis
  • Nuances regarding suggestions

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