Sheila Granger is a well-known, international clinical hypnotherapist. The Federation of Small Businesses recently granted her the award Exporter of the Year for the impact that she’s creating locally and globally. Sheila has been recognized for changing lives — the result of working with her on personal transformation.

Sheila joins me today to share how to promote an international brand while keeping up with other tasks such as writing books and setting up training programs. She also shares time management and productivity strategies that will help keep you sane as you manage to see clients on top of the other projects and undertakings to grow and scale your hypnosis business.

“The key for people to know about you, in the beginning, is to network and to become known in your local community.” – Sheila Granger

  • Things Sheila has been doing that have benefited her business
  • What the Federation of Small Businesses is about
  • Why she was granted the Exporter of the Year Award
  • How her business progressed through word of mouth
  • The significance of networking in making your business thrive
  • What people remember about you
  • The result of positioning yourself right in the market
  • How she discovered new markets and possibilities
  • Details of her upcoming book
  • What to do to take your services in a broader scope
  • One of her biggest business issues
  • Why it’s better to have smaller goals and shorter deadlines

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