Mohammed Sheikh is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, a Certified Master Hypnotist, and the founder of Coach the Mind – a coaching business that utilizes hypnotic techniques to equip his clients with personal development strategies to transform their lives through fast and positive change. The many hours he designated to educating himself earned him certifications as a HeartMath® Trainer, Psy-TaP Practitioner, and WingWave™ Coach.

Mohammed joins me today to share how NLP helped him navigate his limiting beliefs and how his desire to be a hands-on father drove him to be an entrepreneur and pursue NLP full-time. He shares the approach he uses to create successful transformations in his clients’ lives, how HeartMath helped him reconcile the mind and the heart and the techniques and tools that allow you to enjoy the benefits of having renewing emotions within seconds.

“If we make decisions that are driven by fear, by what can go wrong, that’s definitely not as powerful as making decisions that are driven by the question, ‘What’s possible?’” – Mohammed Sheikh

  • The strong influence that got Mohammed interested in NLP
  • How NLP helped him in his personal and professional life
  • Where to get the best hypnosis training
  • What motivated him to shift from sales to doing NLP full time
  • His definition of what a leader is
  • What clients can expect while working with him
  • The difference between treatment versus teaching and training
  • The significance of giving credit where it’s due
  • His primary motivation for doing what he does
  • What is HeartMath?
  • What coherence techniques are and why you should use them
  • The domain in your life that have the most significant leak in your internal battery

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