Serena Stone is a sought-after keynote speaker, event facilitator, corporate entertainer, and professional stage hypnotist. For several years, she has performed on various stages and at dozens of corporate events across the country, including at America’s Got Talent, Six Flags Great America, and the main ballroom of the Venetian Hotel.

Serena joins me today to share how her career in magic and stage hypnosis began, how she became interested in the hypnosis industry, and how she incorporates hypnotic techniques into her magic shows. She shares the unique process she uses to help her corporate clients achieve transformational results,overcome mental barriers that are preventing them from achieving their goals,as well as impact their productivity and increase sales.

“All of the work that we do is transformational work.” – Serena Stone

  • How she became interested in hypnosis
  • Language similarities she noticed between magic and hypnosis
  • How she incorporates conversational hypnosis into her shows to help her audience align their chakra energy
  • How blending hypnosis techniques with magic has allowed her to help her clients overcome mental barriers to achieve their goals
  • How she used hypnotic strategies while working in the telemarketing industry
  • How she applies what she learned in the hypnosis industry to teaching others about sales
  • Using NLP strategies in your hypnosis sessions
  • The differences between stage hypnosis and comedy magic performances
  • How she booked her first stage hypnosis show
  • How she currently uses hypnosis and NLP techniques in her magic shows
  • Her unique induction process
  • What is the “Hypnosis Skit Training
  • How hypnosis has impacted her career
  • How her corporate performances are impacting diversity and inclusion within the corporate environment

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  • Stuck Selling You: The Simple Guide to Self-Promotion book by Serena Stone (coming soon!)

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