In this episode, I’m sharing the different ways of providing ongoing support to your clients through hypnotic resources. I’ll share technology tools and resources you can consider implementing in your hypnosis practice and a simple approach to streamline various processes in your business. I’ll also explain how to make sure that your clients are listening to you, so they get the benefit of the ongoing reinforcement pattern and the importance of allowing your clients to develop the skills necessary to help them continue their journey without becoming dependent on you and your services.

“Do not build dependency upon your techniques and strengthening strategies.”

  • Pros and cons of letting your client take home your recorded session
  • Why listening to a recorded session may not be an effective resource
  • The formula for any hypnotic suggestion
  • How recording the entire session may be limiting you regarding your techniques
  • What is the “Schwartz” Technique
  • How to continue client relations appropriately without building a dependency on an
  • issue that has already been resolved
  • Reminding your clients about the problem versus talking about the result
  • How to reach the ultimate goal of having a positive outcome for the client
  • What kills the momentum of the hypnotic process
  • What is the “Hybrid” Approach
  • How to use technology to make your work more efficient

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