an office to conduct your business is often the first significant decision nearly every entrepreneur needs to make. While this bold move may sound exciting – there are several factors you need to consider. Today, I am sharing a mini-module from my program Hypnotic Business Systems about finding the right office space for you and knowing when it is time to set up shop.

In this episode, I discuss the different aspects and points you need to consider when looking for office space – especially if you are considering creating a hypnosis center in the future. I share how I found my office, the numerous benefits of renting an office versus sharing an office space as well as how to share a lease with others. I also explain the importance of being mindful and aware of your safety and ensuring the safety of the community that your office operates within.

“Only ever upgrade when your business has reached that threshold where the additional rent, the additional monthly expense is a non-issue.”

  • The advantages of establishing my office at its current location
  • How hypnosis began for me
  • Identifying who your easiest “first stream” of clients are
  • How I marketed my group hypnosis offering
  • When I signed the lease on the office space
  • How my upbringing influenced my desire to be an entrepreneur
  • What a hypnosis center is
  • Where I found every office space I leased
  • Renting versus buying
  • What lessors look for in leases
  • How relevant parking and the floor level of your office space is
  • Why you should be aware of your safety and feel safe within your community

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