Sean Michael Andrews joins me this week to discuss hypnotic collaboration and how we incorporate new techniques with the hypnotic processes we typically use. We share how to customize the hypnotic process to each client, and why it is important to understand their motivation to achieve powerful and transformational change. We also discuss how to let the client “write the script” for you and tips on how to incorporate new strategies into your practice.

Sean Michael Andrews is widely known as the World’s Fastest Hypnotist. He specializes in the instant induction technique and has studied and incorporated the techniques and best practices of the most highly regarded hypnotists in the industry, including Gil Boyne and Gerald Kein. He also conducts classes and mentors those who are willing to expand their skill and knowledge about hypnosis.

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“One of the things that I think is really important is establishing rapport with your clients.” – Sean Michael Andrews

  • How we customize the process to each client
  • The significance of knowing what the person’s motivation to make the change
  • Why having a script may or may not help
  • Techniques we use when dealing with hypnotic challenges
  • Different ways of approaching the weight-loss challenge
  • How to identify what challenges need to be addressed
  • Strategies we use differently while working with clients that makes him more direct and effective
  • The benefits of maintaining open communication with other hypnotic workers

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