Nick Ebdon is an entrepreneur, results coach, hypnotherapist, and the founder of NE Results Coaching & Business Consultancy Services. He is the former Executive Director at the Wall Street Investment Bank, Morgan Stanley, and continues to work with private companies and investors as a coach and trading consultant. He is also a Risk Manager dealing with diverse sectors such as finance, insurance and commodity broking, construction as well as new startup companies. Additionally, he is the organizer and sponsor of the UK Hypnosis Convention, one of the largest hypnosis conventions in the United Kingdom.

Nick joins me to share the relevance of working conversationally with your client as you consider your hypnotic dialogue. He explains how to respectfully call out mindsets and principles even before the official hypnotic process begins. He also shares the nuances of leveraging a career as he works with people in trading and interesting stories of how he addresses his clients’ needs to change their internal dialogues.

“If you can control the emotion first or redirect the emotion, then the internal dialogue takes on a whole new level.”- Nick Ebdon

  • How NLP helped him overcome insomnia and stress
  • What led him to study hypnotherapy
  • How to change your internal dialogue
  • Common patterns traders hope to overcome
  • The issue most traders had to deal with
  • Why you should establish rapport to address the client’s concern
  • How his background impacts his hypnotherapy business
  • Why he substitutes the word hypnosis for something else
  • Why hypnotists need to step back and go out of their way to understand and see the need of the client
  • How to determine whether the client needs specific hypnotic strategies
  • The origin of the UK Hypnosis Convention
  • Details on the 2018 UK Hypnosis Convention


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