Kate Beeders helps entrepreneurs and professionals discover the very thing they are brilliant at to speed up their success. She specialized in business development and marketing during her 16 years in the corporate world. She has helped countless professionals through her Money Acceleration System, her program Conversations to Clients, and her book Go Or Don’t Go: The Complete Guide To Accelerate Your Success And Tap Into Your Brilliance.

Kate joins me to share the story of how she transitioned from a corporate career to having her entrepreneurial breakthroughs through tapping EFT protocols. She shares how you can become rockstar entrepreneurs as she helps you rethink your ways of approaching your clients as well as how you can properly compensate for the value you present to them. She also emphasizes on the significance of understanding the value you create in your clients’ lives and why you should be willing to have that necessary conversation not only with your clients but also with yourself about the value you create in the people who walk into your office.

“Money is a form of energy and should be traded reciprocally. So, if you’re giving these amazing benefits and you’re not paying me, that’s not right.”- Kate Beeders

  • How Kate encountered tapping
  • How she became an accidental entrepreneur
  • Why you should reach out to those who make an impact on you
  • Why you gravitate toward specific methodologies
  • How she tapped into her breakthroughs
  • The patterns people need to realize to break through
  • What happens when entrepreneurs get a “No” from clients
  • How entrepreneurs should view money
  • What happens when clients get services or products for free or at a discounted rate
  • How these free or discounted services affect entrepreneurs
  • How new entrepreneurs trick themselves when building their startups
  • How NOT to be an inspiration to somebody else
  • Why passion and confidence attract people
  • How she worked on mindset challenges to change her client’s limiting and core beliefs
  • The benefits of knowing what your brilliance is and owning it
  • The two types of entrepreneurs
  • What makes her program different from other events
  • Factors that contribute when you’re making a decision
  • Why you need to help others take a stand
  • Why you shouldn’t give away too much of yourself

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