Alberto Dell’Isola is currently one of the biggest names in the hypnosis and memorization training fields. He has been featured in several magazines and TV shows in Brazil. He is the first Brazilian to take part in the 2007 World Memory Championship in Bahrain and to break two Latin American records on memorization. A Psychology graduate with a master’s degree in Philosophy of Law, Alberto is the author of the bestselling books Bright Minds, Fantastic Minds, and Great Minds.

Alberto joins me today to share how to achieve hypnotic world domination through your digital products and various social media platforms. He shares practical strategies you can use whether you’re trying to reach people from across the globe or just across your street and highlights several ways you can connect with your audience. He also discusses the ineffective methods you should stop doing and the effective ones you can start applying so you can begin dominating the world one – content piece at a time.

“It doesn’t matter what you do — if you don’t understand how to sell a product, you’re not going anywhere.” – Alberto Dell’Isola

  • Alberto’s YouTube subscribers and online audience statistics that reflects the success in his marketing strategies
  • The most important thing in business
  • How relationships are made between you and your client
  • Why selling should be your last concern when marketing your business
  • How your branding impacts your ability to thrive in business
  • Why you should be mindful of the things you post on Facebook
  • Decreasing Product Price over Increasing Product Value
  • How to create a better way to deliver a product
  • Why you shouldn’t complain about the rules of the game
  • Why you should have the mindset of abundance, instead of scarcity, when it comes to creating free content
  • The most valuable content you can create as a beginner
  • The difference between YouTube and Facebook regarding videos and posts
  • Why Facebook is the worst social media platform to use in terms of audience and organic reach
  • Why you must see YouTube as a business
  • Why people connect more with videos
  • Why it is not enough to have very good content
  • The significance of having a call-to-action on your YouTube video
  • Tools that track the daily statistics on your YouTube video
  • Why people get paralyzed as they succumb to the Superman Syndrome
  • The relevance of recording your video as you deliver your content

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