Rob De Groof is the founder of Hypnosis Center Belgium where he helps people deal with and overcome a variety of challenges including smoking and weight loss as well as hypnotic strategies for children. Starting in the entertainment industry, he is currently the presenter of the YouTube channel Tips 4 The Mind. As a licensed trainer for the Jeffrey Stephens Protocol, Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band, and Bob Burns’ The Swan, Rob travels the world to train people how to do direct hypnosis and street or show hypnosis.

Rob joins me today to share the strategies he uses to become more skilled as a hypnotherapist. He discusses the technical aspect of how he frames and presents change work in a short amount of time as well as how students take the hypnosis experience and eventually modify it to fit their own style. He also explains how he integrated different techniques to create his own, effective hypnotic strategy to use for his clients.

“You’re trained in using the words in the right way.” – Rob De Groof

  • Your secret weapon during stage hypnosis
  • What he recommends for people who don’t have an entertainment background
  • Why hypnosis is illegal in Belgium
  • How he operates despite hypnosis being illegal in Belgium
  • What he did to be a better hypnotist
  • Why he started traveling the world
  • Creating A Clone versus Creating Your Own Style
  • The moment he realized he needed to hire more hypnotists
  • Why he doesn’t want waiting lists
  • The mindset that addresses why the client can rapidly change
  • Why you need be confident as soon as the client steps in the therapy room

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