Hena Husain is a Certified Hypnotherapist and the founder and director of Balance for Life where she helps people deal with addiction, fears, and personal issues so they can live a much better quality of life. As a multi-disciplinary hypnotherapist, she specializes in hypnotherapy, EFT (emotional freedom technique), pain management, core releasing, and power of positive thinking. She is also an in-demand lecturer and keynote speaker where she shares how to create change in life.

Hena joins me today to share how her first encounter with hypnosis started a series of breakthroughs in her life as she underwent years of training. She explains how she helps her clients create their own breakthroughs and the significance of remembering why you do what you do. She also shares how to balance the vulnerability of sharing your story in the therapy session and how it can help build trust and rapport with your clients.

“Through hypnosis, EFT, NLP, one can heal their own mind without confronting anyone.” – Hena Husain

  • Her first experience with hypnosis
  • How fear impacted her life and how self-hypnosis and visualization strategies helped her overcome it
  • The result of releasing her fear
  • What inspired her to write her book
  • The 6-step program she uses to help her clients identify and overcome the root cause of their challenges
  • How she empowers her clients to feel in control of their lives
  • The three go-to strategies she uses to teach her clients how to continue on their own
  • Why she pursued hypnosis as a career
  • How she launched her hypnosis business
  • How she had the courage to speak up about what happened to her
  • How sharing her story impacts the healing of her clients
  • The Power of 2 Process and how it impacts her life
  • Her three-step process to help clients achieve breakthrough results
  • How to realign, reprogram, and build new patterns
  • How she builds trust and rapport to set the tone for change in her client

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