James Hazlerig is a certified hypnosis practitioner, trainer, keynote speaker, the founder of Harmony Hypnosis and the organizer of the Austin Texas Hypnosis Practice Group. He has edited and co-authored numerous books on hypnosis, including Speak Ericksonian: Mastering the Hypnotic Methods of Milton H. Erickson and has taught a multitude of training courses on mental discipline and hypnotic storytelling.

James joins me today to discuss how he helps his clients achieve real results from imaginary events. He explains the connection between our thought process and perception of reality with our emotional and sensory state and how he uses sensory content, visualization, and mental rehearsal strategies to help clients through the hypnotic change process to achieve results. He also shares how to combine hypnotic language with color and sensory content as well as the importance of using all five senses throughout the hypnotic experience.

“Hypnosis is the art of getting real results from imaginary events.” – James Hazlerig

  • How sensory content impacts our perception of reality.
  • Using sensory language with your clients to create effective “mind movies.”
  • The language he uses to help his clients overcome worry and fear of imaginary events.
  • Using visualization strategies to help your clients overcome their challenges.
  • How to incorporate physical and emotional feelings into the hypnotic experience.
  • The importance of using all five senses while working with clients.
  • Getting sensory feedback by helping your clients focus on physical feelings.
  • How using an imaginary third-party’s senses can help clients become clearer on their physical and emotional responses.
  • Strategies for changing the client’s perspective on their emotional responses.
  • Marrying sensations and sensory content with hypnotic language and tonality to achieve real results.
  • He importance of slowly guiding your clients through the hypnotic process.
  • How to identify which sensory strategy to use with your clients.
  • Using sensory strategies in a group setting.
  • Using mental rehearsal strategies to help your clients achieve desired results.

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