Kelley T. Woods joins me today to share some of the lessons she has learned from working with kids and how she uses parents as props during her sessions. We discuss the value of working with clients from the mindset of an educator instead of a facilitator of change and she describes how the fact that hypnotherapy is often a client’s last resort can actually be a benefit to the practitioner. She also explains her definition of mindful hypnosis and the tools and techniques she uses to equip her clients so they can practice between sessions and sustain long-term benefits.

Kelley operates the Woods Hypnosis Center, and has extensive training and expertise in the areas of pain management, weight loss, athletic performance, and pediatric hypnosis. Additionally, she has written or co-authored nine books including the award-winning Integrative Hypnosis for Kids and Teens: Playing for Change which she co-authored with Melissa Tiers.

“If we can teach clients these methods and strategies that are easy to do and don’t take a lot of time, then they can not only start to self-regulate, but they can maintain that for the rest of their life.” – Kelley T. Woods

  • Why she believes having a flexible user experience is beneficial to clients.
  • How modeling flexibility allows the client to be flexible.
  • Her advice for how new hypnotists can learn flexibility in their process.
  • The importance of keeping an open mind and learning from your clients.
  • Involving children in the process and allowing them to come up with creative solutions.
  • How practitioners can approach coordination with the parents of a young client.
  • The verbal contract she makes with the parents of her pediatric clients.
  • Why she believes hypnosis is so appealing to children.
  • Her definition of mindful hypnosis.
  • How actively engaging the conscious mind can allow the client to take ownership of their own process.
  • The methods and strategies she teaches clients that they can practice between sessions.
  • Why she uses the emotional detox technique during her client intake process.
  • Why she does not believe people are afraid of hypnosis.
  • The importance of forming strong therapeutic relationships with clients.
  • The dangers of empathizing with clients.
  • The benefits of normalizing what the client is going through.
  • Why she does not believe in using the term “resistant client.”
  • The need for hypnotists to recognize their own limiting beliefs and reframe them.

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