SLEEP! Get ready to learn actionable strategies I have used to prevent clients from falling asleep as well as the strategies I have used to wake them up. I explain the difference between hypnosis and sleep and the signs you can watch for to assess whether a client is awake or not. I also explain how altering the client’s physical position and keeping them actively engaged in the session not only keeps them awake but offers them a better quality change experience.

In my live classes, I’m often asked what to do if a client falls asleep during a session. I believe that a client should be awake to get the most out of their experience, so it’s important to develop strategies for keeping your client awake and responsive throughout their hypnosis session.

“Sleep is one state of mind; hypnosis is another state of mind. You must awaken them to continue the process.”  – Jason Linett

  • Why you should never immediately assume that your client is asleep.
  • How to assess whether your client is awake or not.
  • The difference between hypnosis and sleep.
  • Why it is essential that your client is awake during the session.
  • The stage of sleep clients will most likely to fall into.
  • How to use instruction to awaken your client.
  • How to gently startle a client into alertness.
  • The meaning of active management of hypnosis.
  • The importance of engaging the client throughout the session.
  • Why it is helpful to change the physical position of the client.
  • How hypnotic suggestions can awaken the client or make them more engaged.
  • How to tell if your client is more actively or passively engaged in the session.
  • Why I do not record all of my sessions.
  • Four action strategies to awaken your client.
  • The importance of using the proper tonality for hypnotic suggestions.

4 Action Strategies to Awaken Your Client:

  1. Give them a bit of physical interaction.
  2. Drop your hand on their shoulder, instruct them to open and close their eyes and go deeper.
  3. Change their posture.
  4. Use half emergence.

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