Dr. Janet Crain is a retired dentist, author, certified hypnotist, and creator of the Tree Reading app. During her second battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she discovered how valuable hypnosis was in dealing with the side effects of her treatments and vowed to learn more about hypnosis so she could teach others. In 2015, she retired from dentistry to focus on hypnosis, Tree Reading, and teaching her techniques worldwide.

On today’s episode, Janet shares how hypnotherapy helped save her life. She explains why she began to study it, how she integrated it into her dentistry practice, and the roadblocks she faced in doing so. She breaks down why the finger focusing technique is one of her favorites for empowering patients and how she currently implements it into her hypnosis practice. She also describes the science and thinking behind Tree Reading and the role hypnosis and Tree Reading play in human connection.

“The most amazing thing about hypnosis is hypnosis gives you control in whatever area you need it.” – Janet Crain

  • How her diagnosis of advanced Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma led to her first experience with a hypnotherapist.
  • How hypnotherapy saved her life and why she vowed to study it.
  • How her interest in Tree Reading began.
  • Why she believes hypnosis is the key to managing your thoughts.
  • How her background in dentistry prepared her for practicing hypnosis.
  • How she integrated hypnosis into dentistry and the roadblocks she faced in doing so.
  • Why she believes hypnotherapists should teach the finger focus technique to all of their clients.
  • How the finger focus technique can help patients channel their negative feelings into more positive feelings.
  • What Tree Reading is and the science and thinking behind it.
  • How Tree Reading helps people become more self-aware and why self-awareness is the key to being their best self.
  • Why she decided to create the Tree Reading app.
  • How hypnosis helps patients connect with themselves and with others.
  • How Coffee Chat with Janet began.

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