Alan Barsky joins me today to share his thoughts on mindfulness and why illnesses such as anxiety and depression run rampant in today’s society. He explains how he uses mindfulness techniques to empower his clients to focus on more useful, actionable, and positive aspects of their lives while reclaiming control over their thoughts and emotions. He also explains how his process helps his clients understand and realize their strengths and weaknesses and leverage them to promote a deeper appreciation of themselves.


Alan is the founder of Marin County Hypnotherapy, a hypnosis practice based in the San Francisco Bay area with a unique focus on using mindful hypnotherapy to help individuals overcome stress and anxiety as well as stop smoking and lose weight. He is a public speaker, author, mindfulness consultant and educator as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Master Hypnotist. He has successfully helped thousands of clients, across multiple industries, reset their thoughts and emotions through his mindful hypnosis techniques.

“Really, your mind is your servant. It works for you.” – Alan Barsky

  • What inspired him to begin a career in hypnotherapy.
  • Lessons he has learned from working with group hypnosis clients that he has implemented into his one-on-one client sessions.
  • Trends he has noticed while working with hypnosis clients.
  • The process he uses to help his clients understand and realize their strengths and weaknesses and how it helps them find a deeper appreciation for themselves.
  • How his 7 Life-Changing Sessions help his clients adjust to “adult life” through mindfulness.
  • The difference between sadness and depression.
  • How he empowers his clients to take control of their thoughts and emotions.
  • How mindfulness strategies impact hypnotic self-care results.
  • Empowering clients to practice self-hypnosis techniques beyond the hypnotic office.
  • How Quantum Focus techniques help refocus thoughts and emotions on more helpful, useful, and positive life experiences.
  • His previous experience of working with clients with catastrophic illnesses and diseases and how it has impacted his approach to working with stress and anxiety clients.
  • Strategies he uses to build rapport and relate to his client’s and their circumstances.
  • Visualization and breathing techniques he implements into his mindful hypnosis practice.
  • His definition of mindfulness.
  • Why he strongly believes in giving clients “homework” to reinforce the techniques and strategies used in each session.
  • How many sessions are necessary for clients to experience the maximum benefit and results from his mindful hypnosis techniques.

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