Dr. Kazi Anam is the founder of Hypnosis Leader Inc, a consulting hypnotist, pharmacist, author, health coach, and motivational speaker. He is a member of the Hypnosis Guild and has a Masters Degree from St. John’s University in New York. He holds an NYS pharmacy license and has witnessed the unwanted side effects of medications. These events inspired him to use hypnosis, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to help patients restore their health and wellbeing. He helps willing individuals to find money and success, lose weight, quit smoking and overcome drug abuse and alcoholism through hypnosis and the reprogramming of the subconscious mind.


Kazi joins me today to share his work and experiences of helping people who have a fear of public speaking or other anxiety issues. He explains what hypnotic prescriptions and hypnotic age regression are and how they help his clients overcome anxiety. He also reveals through which medium his clients are finding him and shares several practitioner/client stories.

“Our minds are really powerful, and hypnosis can utilize that power within.” – Kazi Anam

  • His work with anxiety issues.
  • Hypnotic age regression and overcoming the fears of public speaking.
  • Client case stories surrounding public speaking.
  • How he transitioned from pharmacy work to hypnosis.
  • The methods he uses to monitor the success of smoking cessation and the statistical results.
  • Discovering the events that trigger anxiety problems.
  • Scenarios where age regression might not be the best technique.
  • How to acquire clients and through which mediums.
  • His experience of working with clients experiencing the fear of failure or the fear of success.
  • How to work with hard-headed CEOs.

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