Titan Lunaro is the pioneer and CEO of Scriptnosis, a company that helps hypnotherapists create therapy sessions in a new and exciting way. Titan attended Flinders University and acquired a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology and Genetics. His life goal is for Scriptnosis to help hypnotherapists treat more than 100 million people with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

Titan joins me today to share why he is pioneering hypnosis through the Scriptnosis software. He discusses the launch and benefits of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which is scheduled to launch at the end of October. We also discuss how the CRM has been developed specifically with running a hypnosis practice in mind.

“Scriptnosis is a way for people to create and craft scripts from start to finish using the pieces that they have personally chosen from the mindsets of some of the world’s greatest trainers.” – Titan Lunaro

  • Titan’s fascination with Influencing people and his introduction to hypnosis training.
  • The power of hypnosis demonstrated through a life-saving intervention.
  • How the limited number of one-to-one hypnosis sessions per week and a desire to help more people led to the idea of Scriptnosis.
  • The lessons held within even poorly constructed scripts.
  • Why cutting snippets out of scripts is essential and how to make them your own.
  • How Scriptnosis can help the hypnotherapist construct scripts.
  • How to think your way through the process with a click and drag style editor.
  • Why Scriptnosis is a trusted resource of “the good stuff.”
  • How the CRM will transform your business, offering better organization for your practice, from reminders to marketing.
  • How the CRM will help you make more money through the automation of re-engaging with past clients.
  • How user input has shaped and refined the CRM into a beautiful tool.
  • What Titan is most excited about in hypnosis and the Scriptnosis project.

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