Dr. Tracy Riley is the founder of Tracy Riley Hypnosis, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a published author. In 2005, she acquired her Master’s Degree from Florida State University. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Auburn University and a 2018 Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University. Additionally, she has also taught psychology at the University of Phoenix.


Dr. Riley joins me today to discuss the hypnosis scope of practice. She shares her thoughts on when it is appropriate to refer clients to mental health practitioners and doctors and strategies for new practitioners to develop a referral list while building their professional network. She also highlights the symbiotic ways that hypnotherapists should work with mental health professionals and the accepted terminology to use or avoid.

“You can not possibly be everything to every person in every particular situation. If you aren’t the right fit, you have to recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations and work where you are good.” – Dr. Tracy Riley

  • Tracy’s personal story and motivations for being a social worker and hypnotherapist.
  • The benefits of not pushing hypnosis onto clients and recognizing when they are ready for a hypnotic session.
  • Her experiences of employing the educational component of hypnosis during traditional therapist sessions.
  • Her move into primarily a hypnotherapist role.
  • The hypnotic scope of practice and what’s appropriate to take on or refer out.
  • When is it appropriate to ask for guidance and advice from other hypnotists.
  • Referring clients to other practitioners when you aren’t the right fit.
  • Conditions where hypnosis is not the right fit.
  • How to handle referring a client.
  • Ways that brand new hypnotists can handle referrals when they don’t yet have a network of mental health clinicians or doctors.
  • The jargon that hypnotists should avoid using.

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