Balancing your work life with your personal life, while maximizing the profit of your hypnosis business, is something that many professionals find hard to do. For a lot of people, this usually leads to missing out on their children growing up, working through holidays or losing the profit potential of their business.  The superhero syndrome is to blame with many hypnotists feeling that they can do everything themselves, while in reality, they are missing out on scaling up their success.


Today, I share with you the audio from my talk on Hypnotic Outsourcing from the HypnoThoughts Live Conference 2018. I discuss why you can’t and shouldn’t do it all yourself and explain how outsourcing is adding value to my hypnosis business, even when I am away. I also explain how to approach everything so that you only have to do it once and challenge you to consider if you have been the most appropriately productive as you can be.

“Your job is to be an incredible hypnotist. Embrace your skill, embrace your passion, hand the rest off to someone else.” – Jason Linett

  • The most profitable platform for designing a website.
  • How to use calls-to-action.
  • How to increase your credibility on your website.
  • Where to find experts when outsourcing and how to communicate what you want.
  • How to use Lead Generation Marketing.
  • The formula for validating and testing a supplier when outsourcing.
  • How to retain an Upwork contractor.
  • Why an outsourcing strategy is crucial when building a six-figure business.

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