Hypnotherapists can find it a challenge to promote and sell their services or close the sale when the client is in front of them. It is advantageous to learn how to book clients during their initial consultation to increase business success, while also setting the client on the journey towards achieving their goal. Using the right techniques and strategies can quickly lead to a full appointment book.


Today, I share the Neurolinguistic Programming strategies that I apply to my business. I share how you can do this with the ethical strategies that form part of my four-step process. These hypnotic strategies and language patterns will help you to become more influential in your sales, promotions, and acquiring more hypnosis clients.

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“Until we actually know what the person wants to achieve, we don’t yet know exactly what sales strategy to use to help present the program to help them achieve the outcome.” – Jason Linett

  • The definitions of chunking up and chunking down including how language works.
  • How to uncover internal motivations, drivers, values and why they want to do this.
  • Feeding back the motivation-statements that you uncover.
  • Questions and phrases that you can use to chunk up.
  • Presenting your services as a solution.
  • Feeding back what you have learned so far.
  • How the four-step process builds a closing strategy.

4 Step Meta Model Process to Acquire More Hypnotic Clients:

  1. Meta Model Questions to Chunk Down into Specifics.
  2. Strategy Feedback to Look for Motivation and Values.
  3. Chunk Up to appeal to their identity and heighten the need to create the change.
  4. Present your services as a solution feeding back the information.

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