James Brown is The Professional Opportunist and the co-founder of the POWA Academy. He is a speaker, performer, and hypnotherapist with twenty years’ experience as well as the author of the book The Professional Opportunist Wrongness Approach. James performs and teaches with a unique blend of skills that include magic, theatrical pickpocketing and hypnosis. He has achieved the prestigious title of Close Up Magician of the Year, awarded by the Magic Circle.


James joins me today to share his thoughts on instant inductions and reinductions. He discusses how inductions without any technique behind them work and the hypnotic elements that he is currently using. He also breaks down the art behind his style of hypnosis, discusses the Wrongness Approach, and reveals the opportunities of breaking out of an all or nothing mindset.

“We should be evidence-based in our research and development, however, in our use of hypnosis, we should be as creative as possible.” – James Brown

  • James’ origins, including magic, theatrical pickpocketing and psychiatric nursing and his introduction to hypnosis.
  • How his understanding of magic and misdirection has given him a unique perspective of hypnosis.
  • His perspective on hypnotic structures and rituals.
  • How the process of hypnosis is changing and what this means to hypnotherapists.
  • How to use the mechanism, theatricality, mystically, and presentation of hypnosis as a device to enhance someone’s experience.
  • How to strip away hypnotic rituals, such as the induction and deepener, and still get the same outcome.
  • A breakdown of the hypnotic techniques that he is currently using.
  • Why it is essential that your clients understand their role and what they need to do.
  • How working up the plausibility scale is essential for a therapeutic change.
  • The insights that his reality-bending research and neuroscience study has revealed.
  • How your client’s belief, and not the hypnotic rituals, are what makes hypnosis work.
  • A glimpse of the concepts revealed in the Professional Opportunist Wrongness Approach book.

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