De’Anna Nunez is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Coach, Certified Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, and peak performance expert. She has twenty years of experience and has conducted more than 2,000 keynote presentations and shows for conferences, special events as well as corporate events for leadership and sales teams to increase productivity, performance, mindset, and motivation. Additionally, she is also the author of multiple books including Burn Your Fat Pants and Selling with Synchronicity. She enjoys an active lifestyle, and her determination has allowed her to complete over fifty marathons.


De’Anna joins me today to discuss how to leverage success to scale up your business. She shares her views on having a positive mindset and waking up your best. She discusses the changes she has made throughout her 20-year career to move from working as a stage hypnosis performer to working with corporate clients. She also discusses how your business habits can impact your ability to achieve your financial goals and shares strategies to help you overcome stress and anxiety associated with making changes and pivots in your business.

“If you have a vision, then you have to put a habit to the vision, or you are never going to get there.” – De’Anna Nunez

  • How De’Anna discovered the world of hypnosis and what inspired her to build her hypnosis career.
  • How working in the corporate market and county fairs have allowed her to fine-tune her skillsets.
  • How to promote your business, develop success, and sell it.
  • How to work towards goals and get into an achiever mindset.
  • How De’Anna’s hypnosis career has evolved and how she has used hypnosis for her betterment.
  • How De’Anna transitioned into coaching, rebranded her business, and opened herself up to learning again.
  • Why it is crucial to modify what you know, be creative, and make those modified approaches your own.
  • Tactics you can use to overcome the anxiety that you might feel when making changes.
  • The importance of working with intention and remembering your ‘Why.’
  • Self-help approaches you can use if you feel stuck in the ‘same day mentality.’
  • Why you should look at your business habits and ask if they equate to your financial goal.

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