Rick Paddock is the founder of Milwaukee Hypnosis Center, a practice dedicated to helping people make positive life, health, and career changes. He is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Hypnosis Instructor, a Certified Life Coach, public speaker, and author of books such as Can Hypnosis Help Me Perform Better? and Can Hypnosis Help Me with Anxiety? Additionally, he is the producer and host of the popular Mind Flipping podcast.


Rick joins me today to share how he combines coaching and hypnosis and renovates those techniques to make them work even better in a client-centered way. He describes several therapeutic methods including Bilateral Stimulation and his MindFlipping concept and discusses the tools he gives his clients to use between therapy sessions. He also provides insight into the marketing practices he uses that help him attract new clients.

“Giving the client a toolbox of self-help and self-care strategies can reinforce the changes that are being made in your sessions.” – Rick Paddock

  • Rick’s first childhood experience of hypnosis and how a second experience led him into coaching.
  • How he combines coaching and hypnosis.
  • How he has adjusted the hypnotic processor for conducting online sessions.
  • The focus of his work today including how he works with clients that have anxiety.
  • The tools he shares with his clients to reinforce changes between therapy sessions.
  • What Bilateral Stimulation is and how it can make powerful changes.
  • How to identify when your work with a client is complete.
  • The MindFlipping concept and bringing the separate schools of hypnosis, NLP, meditation and coaching together.
  • Leading with education and how to answer client questions.
  • How ongoing media projects such as a podcast, can attract new clients.
  • What he would do differently if he had the opportunity to start again.

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