Discover the first chapter of my upcoming book launch, WORK SMART BUSINESS. I share my story and how I went from startup to scale-up to create a multi-six-figure income. I describe easy to implement principals of how I’ve done it with the goal of showing how you can harness these strategies to create your own incredible outcomes. I also explain why entrepreneurs need to create their own opportunities instead of waiting for things to happen and how your mindset and beliefs impact your ability to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.


There are many different ways of working and different mindsets of people who are trying to escape their 9-to-5 by starting a business of their own. Entrepreneurs and business owners will readily share with you how difficult it will be during your first year of business and how unlikely it is that you will succeed. If you follow this mindset, then failure may lie ahead.


Change your mindset so your goals become attainable, and you will succeed where many fail.

“The Power of Premise is the ingredient that makes change happen.” – Jason Linett

  • How to apply a hypnotic way of thinking into the corporate world and why work smart is the roadmap to success.
  • The Power of Premise and how to shift your mindset to help you challenge the myths that stifle success.
  • How to train yourself to adopt a flexible mindset and resist negative scarcity thinking.
  • Why different is ‘better than better’ and an essential ingredient to help you stand out against the rest.
  • How to stand out as an authority in your community.
  • How to craft a short ‘elevator speech’ with your marketing message and credentials, using a technique called the ‘Hollywood effect.’
  • Why entrepreneurs need to create their own opportunities and not wait for them to happen.
  • How to use logic and the Power of Premise to overcome anxiety and nervousness.
  • Belief systems and how the Power of Premise is the ingredient that makes change happen.
  • How to use the Power of Premise to shift your emotional state, stay motivated and continue to grow.

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