Lynn Thier is the founder of Peak Performance Academy and is passionate about helping people shed their unwanted physical and emotional weight. She employs the power of the unconscious mind using techniques such as hypnosis, NLP, Time Line Therapy and the Emotional Code. She is a trainer of NLP techniques and the author of the book Your Life Matters. Lynn is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Fitness Instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer. Her achievements include gaining a Masters in NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy.

Lynn joins me today to share her work as a hypnotherapist and fitness coach. She reveals the methods she uses to help people lose weight and improve their health and fitness and explains why it is important to tell people what to do instead of what not to do. She also describes the strategies, techniques, triggers, and motivation that hypnotherapists can tap into to help their clients reach their goals as well as the strategies she uses to attract new clients.

“If you don’t have the right mindset, then nothing else is going to work. The mind is key, and you have to be willing to experiment to find what works for you.” – Lynn Thier

  • Lynn’s career including working with young offenders and child protection
  • Her interest in fitness and nutrition, and how she became interested in hypnosis.
  • How working as a corrections officer has influenced her work today.
  • How she uses the latest NLP method called Time Line Therapy.
  • How hypnosis and linguistics have affected her role as a fitness instructor to help people reach their health and weight loss goals.
  • Why it is important to tell people what you want them to do instead of what you don’t want them to do.
  • The motivation and action cycles that she uses to set a change into motion.
  • How weight loss techniques differ from person-to-person and why it is essential to experiment to find success.
  • The specific challenges that women face when looking to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.
  • How dealing with her childhood trauma and abuse led to her discovering Time Line Therapy.
  • What a typical hypnosis session looks like.
  • How she structures and uses hypnosis along with nutrition and fitness pieces.
  • How hypnotists can look to use other health and fitness resources, recommendations, modalities, and referrals to specialists.
  • The methods that she uses to promote her business and attract clients.

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