Garry Coles is the Owner and Principal Consultant at Release Hypnotherapy, a practice dedicated to working with clients in a medical setting. He is contracted to work in major hospitals with the NHS in the UK. as well as in doctor and surgery clinics to help people experiencing depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and stress. Garry has attained a master’s degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the University of West London. He is also a presenter and mentor helping other hypnotists who want to
work in a medical setting or in the field of cancer.

Garry joins me today to share his story of working in the niche space of helping cancer patients. He shares his views on this specific market and building a business inside the medical model. He explains how to work with people going through medical situations using different hypnotic styles and shares his views of training and streamlining techniques to make them work better or quicker. He also stresses the importance of stabilizing and relaxing people before beginning the work.

““The first thing you need to do when working with any client is to stabilize. You cannot work a person who is anxious or on-edge, so you need to make them comfortable first.” – Garry Coles

  • Garry’s unusual entry into hypnotherapy, moving from a career in IT to gaining a diploma in hypnotherapy and volunteering time to get experience.
  • How he overcame his initial hypnosis skepticism to work with people who have cancer.
  • The credibility he believes is given to hypnotists working in a hospital setting.
  • How hypnosis can help people with cancer-related issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, pain control, insomnia, and weight gain.
  • How the tools and skills of a traditional hypnotherapist transpose over into helping cancer patients.
  • The importance of stabilizing and relaxing a client before working with them on their issues.
  • How he is helping medical professionals use language in a way that causes less stress.
  • Why it is essential to use academic language, undertake hypnosis training and become certified.
  • The value of training with many mentors, learning a range of techniques and combining techniques to make them better or work quicker.

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