Do you find yourself working behind schedule because you have too many tasks? It can be hard – if not impossible – to scale up your business or start new projects without a proper system in place. You need to work with intention, purpose, and focus. You need to work smarter, save time, and eliminate repetitive tasks. Mastering the art of designing business systems will allow you to increase your income many times over.


Today, I share a complete chapter of my Work Smart Business book, which launches in just a few days. This chapter delves into the most crucial part of building a profitable hypnosis business; designing systems. I reveal how you can duplicate yourself and replicate your best successes. I share methods that can help you turn your business efforts into a powerful machine with systems that run with ease. I also share how this podcast is produced, giving you an insight into designing systems with a real-life example.

“Building systems allow you to duplicate yourself and empower yourself to increase productivity and income exponentially.” – Jason Linett

  • Why you should model the most successful people you meet in business.
  • How to apply the ‘set it and forget’ methodology to your business and personal life.
  • How to automate office administrative tasks through automation sequences.
  • How to work with templates to create a systematic system for everyday tasks.
  • Why you should combine work smart principals with others to make them more powerful.
  • How outsourcing is the number one thing that has changed the shape of my life.
  • Handing off technical tasks to focus on things that will scale-up your business.
  • Systems that run on their own demonstrated by my podcast creation process.
  • How the creator-only mindset will put your focus where it needs to be.
  • Modeling and using the ideas of others for inspiration, to build something new from the ground up.
  • Where to outsource and find experts to handle your technical tasks.
  • How to build a relationship with an outsourced expert and find out if they are right for you.
  • Action points and exercises to find out where you can employ systems to ‘set it, and forget it.’

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