Adam Eason is the Founder of Adam Eason Hypnotherapist and the host of the Hypnosis Weekly podcast. Adam is a confessed hypnosis geek and works as a full-time practitioner while also running a busy hypnotherapist training college. As a senior member of hypnotherapy organizations, he is the first hypnotherapist to sit on the expert panel for health clinics that run in collaboration with NHS Choices. He is currently researching at a local university to gain his Ph.D. and is a regular speaker at events such as the UK Hypnosis Convention.


Adam joins me today to share his views on hypnotic evidence and how critical thinking has allowed him to progress and challenge the traditional models of hypnotherapeutic techniques. He explains what is known as founder syndrome and why hypnotherapists should continue to question the ‘way we have always done it’ to look at what is wrong and find better ways of using hypnotherapy to help clients. He also explains why he believes the heart of hypnosis lies in the client’s belief and expectations and how to use evidence-based techniques to help your clients achieve hypnotic change.

“The more you believe in your ability to do something, the more your ability to do that thing is raised.” – Adam Eason

  • How Adam’s introduction to hypnosis at university for a skin disorder treatment paved the way for starting a career in hypnosis.
  • How professional development conversations, critical thinking, and evidence-based training led to him to rejecting much of what he had learned about hypnosis.
  • How his aging Amazon number 1 selling hypnosis book demonstrates how our understanding of hypnosis has developed.
  • How belief and expectation are at the heart of hypnosis, and why he works with an ethos of underselling and over delivering.
  • The role of self-efficacy and how it is an inherent byproduct of the skills a person is developing when you teach them self-hypnosis.
  • How self-efficacy works to create convincing change.
  • Why the use of, definitions of, false perceptions of, and the notions of terms like trance, can lead to lower suggestibility in clients.
  • Why psychological sciences that are open to interpretation and misinterpretation, requires hypnotists to remain flexible and expect evidential change.
  • The hypnotic techniques and modalities that are evidence-based.
  • Why hypnotherapists need to go beyond the mindset of ‘as long as it works,’ to make a profound impact, and move the field of hypnosis forward.
  • How to use evidence-based hypnosis modalities to make responsible decisions and let your artistry compliment this.

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