Unexpected expenses are often the source of extreme stress. You may have an unexpected tax bill arrive, or you may have a hefty credit card bill to pay off. Maybe you have justified making a silly purchase, just because you want it. When these financial events occur, you need to leverage your business to print the money that you need and reduce the level of stress that you experience.


Today, I share with you the most popular chapter of the WORK SMART BUSINESS book: Print Money. I share the principals that will allow you to make money appear to pay off your expenses and unexpected bills and show you what happens when you start to think as a business owner and an entrepreneur. I also explain the importance of reinvesting in yourself and your skill set and explain how the Print Money principles can help you grow – and scale – your hypnosis business.

“Start with what you have – and grow from there.” – Jason Linett

  • The importance of financial responsibility.
  • How a small investment in money can make a big impact on your life and business.
  • How to harness the assets you already have and leverage them into a quick income.
  • How to work smart and turn your income on.
  • Why you should focus your ethics and charge what the value of the results will be.
  • Why you should reinvest in your skills.
  • How to discover markets that have not yet been tapped into.
  • Why you shouldn’t spend money that you have not yet earned.
  • How to use the Print Money principal to scale your business year-after-year.
  • How to make time, strategize, and implement the Work Smart Action Steps to print money.

Learn the skills, strategies, and systems to grow your hypnosis business so you can work smarter, not harder! Grab your copy of my latest book, Work Smart Business, today!

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