Jon Dwoskin is a business coach, author, speaker, and the Founder and Chief Executive of the Jon Dwoskin Experience. Jon has extensive experience in helping businesses grow and he has made a career out of his passion for creative thinking, personal development, and growing companies. He provides critical guidance to help businesses decide on the next pivotal decision and has worked in senior roles for companies such as The Hayman Company and Marcus & Millichap. Additionally, he has been awarded the Crain’s 40 under 40 Award and the Eastern Michigan University Alumnus of the Year Award.


Jon joins me today to share his journey and the role that meditation has played on his success. He reveals how he uses both self-meditation and guided meditation daily and how he promotes Executive Time as part of his coaching for professionals and businesses. He shares what it takes to become professionally successful in business and offers a resource list of books for anyone seeking to advance their career or improve their business.

“Executive Time encourages professionals to be sharp and be fueled up for their clients and family.” – Jon Dwoskin

  • Jon’s desire to become a business coach and how his company helps businesses and CEOs grow.
  • How meditation helps Jon escape from stress, work through problems, and discover that he had cancer.
  • The style of meditation that Jon applies.
  • The benefits of alternating between self-meditation and guided meditation.
  • A definition of Executive Time, how to apply it, and the boost it gives to professional performance.
  • The vital role that self-care plays in the professional setting.
  • The mindful morning and evening rituals that encourage growth in Jon’s business.
  • The traits and actions that people and businesses need to become successful.
  • Why you should take a step back and take time to always better yourself.
  • Jon’s recommended reading list.

Resources Mentioned:

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