Victoria Marie Gallagher is a certified Master Hypnotherapist and the Founder of Hyptalk.com LLC, one of the first online hypnosis companies. She is the author of Practical Law of Attraction, a Number 1 bestseller on Amazon in eight categories. As a student of metaphysical and personal growth concepts since 1986 and a Women’s Leadership and Life Success trainer since 1998, she has helped countless clients overcome fear and anxiety while visualizing – and achieving – success. She is committed to helping others achieve their dreams through hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.


Victoria joins me today to share how the practical law of attraction can be applied to manifest change. She explains how she moved from the field of meditation to hypnotherapy to find validation for the scripts that she creates. She also reveals how she has found success by focusing on a particular niche and explains the role that belief and commitment play in manifesting change.

“If a person is going to gain success, they have to be of a success mindset. They have to believe that they can change and have the motivation to change.” – Victoria Marie Gallagher

  • Victoria’s origin story, moving from stockbroking to meditation to hypnotherapy.
  • The differences in moving from meditation programs to hypnosis programs.
  • How Victoria splits her day between seeing clients one-on-one and writing scripts for recording.
  • Focusing on a niche within the field of hypnosis.
  • What the law of attraction means in terms of making something happen.
  • The practical things that you can do to make the law of attraction work to your benefit.
  • The importance of belief and commitment when manifesting change.
  • Why people need to pay attention to their inner voice when making a change.
  • The story behind writing the book Practical Law of Attraction.

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