Steve Miller is the Founder of the FATnosis program and a mindset and motivational weight loss master. As a pioneer in weight loss hypnosis, he has been helping clients since 2002 from his practice in Birmingham. He is the author of three books and the TV host of Fat Families. He is a Distinction Graduate of the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and a Weight Loss Advisor of the National Council of Hypnotherapy. He is regularly featured in national newspapers such as the Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, and The Sun.


Steve joins me today to share his style of hypnotherapy, including his direct methodology and confrontational style of language. He reveals how he uses humor and how all hypnotists can use their personality as a tool to create client-behavior change. He also reveals the three ‘C’s that every hypnotherapist needs to be effective and how to ensure your appointment book is full.

“There needs to be a little drama in hypnosis because if a hypnotherapy session is too beige, the power of the suggestion is pretty neutral.” – Steve Miller

  • The event that inspired Steve to train in hypnosis.
  • Steve’s eyeball-to-eyeball approach to hypnosis and the three ‘C’s that each hypnotherapist needs.
  • Connecting with clients by using the language that they use.
  • Using humor to shock the mind and create a ‘pattern interrupt.’
  • A walk-through of opening conversations, as an example of Steve’s technique.
  • True stories of using a strong style and warmly authoritarian language patterns.
  • The principals and philosophies of FATnosis and how to introduce your personality.
  • Attracting new clients by recognizing that current clients are your salespeople.
  • How to stand your ground and pull it back if you offend someone.
  • Why you shouldn’t label all client’s as emotional eaters.
  • Using disgust and desire to motivate change.

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