Joni Neidigh is the Founder of Joni Neidigh Hypnosis and Aim For Success, where she specializes in sports performance hypnosis. Joni has run a private practice for 26-years and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She is an international speaker at hypnosis conventions, sports events, colleges, and high schools across the country. Joni has worked with coaches and Olympians around the world, including from Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Spain. She has produced more than 20 sports enhancing audio recordings and is the author of the AIM Gold Mental Toughness Success Guide.


Joni joins me today to share her views, experiences, and techniques for working in sports performance hypnosis. She reveals how to use sports performers five senses to create anchors and leverage them within your hypnosis scripts. She also stresses the importance of working with athletes on a long-term basis and shares how to use post-match reflection to re-focus future hypnosis sessions.

“You can fool other people, but you can’t fool yourself. The more authentic we are and believe in what we are doing, the more they believe it and buy into it.” – Joni Neidigh

  • How Joni’s drive to give her children the edge in sports triggered her move from mental health to sports performance.
  • How Joni balances the talk therapy mindset with hypnosis.
  • How sports performers five senses can be leveraged within scripts to get results.
  • How post-match reflection can be used as a re-focus strategy for future hypnosis sessions.
  • Using the ‘voice shift’ approach to help clients manage coach criticism.
  • Creating a two-minute repeating hypnosis recording using the Rev app.
  • Why a seasonal structure, from start to finish, is the best approach to sports hypnosis.
  • Picking up on self-awareness, cognitive distortions, and emotional reasoning during an assessment.

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