Jeffrey Richards is a Certified Hypnotist and the Founder of Peak Performance Hypnosis, a private practice established in 2000 dedicated to helping athletes improve their performance and helping entrepreneurs with corporate wellness. He is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor and a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). A sought-after speaker, Jeffrey is scheduled to conduct the Write Your (Darn) Book training event at the Heartland Hypnosis Conference.


Jeffrey joins me today to share his experiences with hypnotic communication. He reveals the techniques that he uses and explains how to begin learning about NLP in bite-sized chunks. He also shares a short self-hypnosis strategy on how to fall asleep, describes the fundamentals of communication and discuss the upcoming training and workshops that he is running.

“It’s about the fundamentals of communication and leveraging that into helping you get more out of life and helping other people get more of what they want.” – Jeffrey Richards

  • Jeffrey’s first encounter with hypnosis.
  • The How to Fall Asleep self-hypnosis technique that Jeffrey uses.
  • His work with athletes and entrepreneurs.
  • Dealing with the stereotype of hypnosis and satisfying objections before they arrive.
  • Why it’s essential to uncover the expectations of a client.
  • The fundamentals of communication covered in the How to Let People Do What You Want
  • How to start learning about NLP and hypnotic communication.
  • Moving into hypnosis full time.
  • The Write Your (Darn) Book training at the Heartland Hypnosis Conference.

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