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Imagine building a more successful hypnosis business just in the next 10 days. To learn how, please visit work smart hypnosis.com and take the 10 day Hypnosis Business challenge. Yours free today. Welcome to the Work Smart Hypnosis Podcast with Jason Lynette, your professional resource for hypnosis training and outstanding business success.

Here’s your host, Jason Lynette. This is session 21, selling the next step. I’m gonna jump to the content really quickly here as I’ve got a bit of an audio clip that I really wanna share with you. The setup for this is that I was at the hypno birthing conclave, uh, about a month and a half ago. And while I was there, I taught the NGA certification class as well as also presented a one and a half hour workshop, uh, that I titled How I built a $200,000 Hypnosis Business.

And this brief clip, it’s. 10 minutes in length is all about the concept of what I like to call selling. The next step really at its core, it’s what we call lead generation marketing. It’s a very specific form of marketing where the goal is to collect interest for the purpose of an eventual sale. So the goal of this process is to build a list and then campaign to just those people directly.

This way, the sale is made when the client is ready to purchase. So to briefly set this up, perhaps you’re aware of image or branding, marketing, uh, which. Is a great idea. You know, your website should maybe look a little bit like your business card, but for the most part we’re talking about companies like, uh, McDonald’s, you know, with their I’m Loving IT Campaign, or even Nike with the Swoosh.

These are things that are just gonna be very expensive and very difficult to really track for a hypnotist, even of a business size similar to mine. Of course you’re also aware with direct to direct response marketing, this is a call to buying action style ad. And indeed, this is probably what most people in hypnosis have out there in terms of their sites.

Uh, If you see the sign that says, Call this number to book your session, to which I would tell you that your client perhaps is not yet qualified to make that buying decision, so I would rather see you collecting interest, collecting names on a list. The metaphor is that if people who have raised their hand and said, I’m interested, and then spend your time selling to those specific people.

In my program that I offer Hypnosis Business Bootcamp strategy number one is this, Don’t sell hypnosis, don’t sell results. Instead, sell the next step. So here we go with a brief clip from my talk, How I built a $200,000 hypnosis business direct from the hypno birthing conclave back in September, 2014.

So let’s plant that seed. First of all, the goal is to transition them from unsophisticated to sophisticated. And that’s when I stand up here and tell you, even though the scope of my business is where it’s at right now, I am never selling. I’m educating, I’m guiding. I’m sharing information, I’m giving an experience, and it’s through those strategies that they are then becoming sophisticated.

So if you have any. Let’s call it out as what it is. If you have any self-limiting beliefs around the world, sales or money or marketing, it’s time to change those because we’re educating throughout our process from unsophisticated to sophisticated, because with that in mind, there were three things that you can sell in any business, and let’s make it specific.

With hna birthing the classes, we can sell the product. The education, the hypnosis, and what actually happens during the class. So the phrase of selling the benefits rather than the features. Actually selling the features in this situation. So what would that be? All the things we’ve learned to say over the years, an hour of hypnosis feels as if you slept for eight hours and through the education, you’re learning the best way to take care of your body.

We could be selling that, right? We could sell the results. And we know the knowledge of what the research is now showing. We have the collective experience of everyone we interact with here as to how wonderful this process is. I’ve got my own stories of, there’s my son being born and just kind of looking around, just go, Okay, I’m here now, , as opposed to these screaming and all the challenge we have with the birth of our daughter.

We can sell the hypnosis, we can sell the services, we can sell the birthing education, we can sell the results, all that. But there’s one specific thing that you can. Which by doing so, you meet with absolutely no resistance, no challenge, and it’s the easiest way to take everything you’re doing right now without increasing any traffic to websites, without getting out and doing anything more than you’re doing right now to sell this one simple thing.

I’d guarantee you that’d be a massive change. Sell the next step. . What do I mean by that next step? Well, that’s kind of where we’re gonna spend some time together today in this program. For a lot of people, I was having a conversation with someone last night, and the term that’s the most popular now, we used to call it in marketing a widget call for the free thing, whatever that free thing would be.

Has anybody seen the movie Crazy People with Duly Moore? Mm-hmm. . Yeah. There’s a whole bit about they’re selling a weight loss product and you get a free. It’s an interesting movie. It’s all about Dudley Moore goes into a mental facility and now the inmates are writing, uh, advertising slogans for him.

It’s amazing movie. It’s hard to find though, Volvo. They’re boxy, but they’re good. Uh, . So we could sell the result. The thing is the widget. What is that thing? I like the new term that’s gaining popularity. We could sell as the next step, what we like to call an ethical Bri. . What do I mean by that? Something that they want of value and experience they’d perhaps like to have.

And then going through that experience, that’s when I then want you selling the service, the results, and whatever else is appropriate. For many of us. There’s a simple one word answer to this consultation. Maybe you’re the type of business where it’s appropriate to that consultation live. And many people would tell you that when they take the extra step of compounding the steps of they call, they come in.

It’s a much higher conversion rate. You can also do that consultation over the phone. What I’d like to recommend is give it a very, very specific name for a simple reason. It’s a way they can track those results. What do I mean by that? On one of my sites, I have the information about call for a hypnosis screening.

On another side, I say call for a free confidential hypnosis phone consultation, and the magical thing occurs when people call and they ask for the thing by name. I know where they came from. Okay, I have call for your free video test drive experience of my certification class. I’m selling that next step, and if you get a chance, go to Virginia hypnosis.com, which I tell you ahead of time.

The design is really, really awesome for 2007. Uh, it’s a little out of date in terms of the technologies, but what I’m talking about are some themes that you can actually take. Everything you’ve gotten just folded one element into it, and it’s gonna make a night and day difference towards it. We could talk about a hard offer or a soft.

Hard offer. Call this number today to receive blank soft offer. Fill out this form to get access to this ebook, this video, this, whatever it might be. It’s a softer offer cuz it doesn’t involve picking up the phone and calling the term again, ethical bribe. I love that because the word ethical is at the beginning of it.

So let’s take a step back for a moment and put this into a specific context of the hypno birthing class. Right. What challenges, what concerns, what fears would they possibly have to then result in them looking for information to then land upon you? What are the common concerns you’d have parents having before they end up sitting in your classroom?

Throw some things out there. Anybody scared of pain? Scared of pain, Loss of loss of control. Risk of C-section. What else? Medical bills. So we have a knowledge of what these things could possibly be. So what if, and we’ll talk about the technology to do this a little bit. free ebook. Here are five things to know to have a calm, comfortable, natural birth.

And your report then educates them as to what exactly that is by filling out a form on a website. Now they get that information and there’s a thing in hypnosis, there’s a thing in linguistics, there’s a thing called a pre. to assume something before the fact. So right before I flew here, I had to stop by Pet Smart.

I was going outta town for a while and my dog was actually at our in-laws, and she’s used to being walked on a leash and just being let loose in the backyard. But they have one of those leash leads, you know, from one wire, from one into the house to the barn. So they’ve put the leash on it and the dog can run back and forth.

She’s not used to that, so she chewed her collar off. So there I am trying to get on a flight at 11:00 AM but also having to hit Pet Smart and buy a new collar. Pause the story. And let’s start to raise some doubts. Did this story really just happen this week? You know the game where sometimes it’s the comedian perhaps on stage, and uh oh, the other day this happened to me and really it happened like three years ago, or maybe it’s like five different events he’s combining into one story.

Um, did she really choose her, the collar? Did I really have to buy a new collar or was it fine? Yet few of you are stopping to ask yourself, does he really have a dog that just flies under the radar? ? I do. Her name is Blossom, uh, . So, um, that priest deposition, and I want you to hear this magical phrase. So you get to meet me before you even come into my office.

Before you come into my office, you get to meet. So maybe you have a favorite musical performer. Someone throws someone out there, Barry man, Barry Manalow, and you’ve been listening to Barry Manila for so many years, , you’ve been listening to for so many years, and. Uh, back my old career was actually in management for professional theater.

I was an actor, director, designer. I wasn’t any of the creative stuff. My job was to make everybody get along and be friendly. If that’s not psychological training, I don’t know what is. Um, and I worked on, uh, the COPPA Commando musical. He should stick to just writing songs, uh, . But he does write the songs that make the whole nevermind, uh,

So, You listen to Barry Mano, you listen to him, you find out, Oh, he’s gonna be on the Tonight Show, and maybe you stay up and watch it. Maybe you set the DVR to record it. Maybe a new album comes out and you pick it up and then you go to see him live and you’ve already been interacting with him for so many years and he’s just entering the conversation live for the first time.

Isn’t that an interesting thought? How do we give our perspective clients the same experience? I have no better way to phrase this. Who has, and for those of you who’ve heard me say this, who has the best business model? What profession has the best business model of anyone out there? McDonald’s music, McDonald’s music.

Nfl. Nfl, drug dealers, , because the first taste is. . So by giving someone the experience prior to having to make the decision, it’s a horrible reference. I know, but , you’re getting the idea, the free sample. You know, the person at the shopping mall handing out the teriyaki chicken. We’ll go with that one instead,

But it’s that model of giving the experience prior to actually having to make the decision. So by the time the decision point actually hits, Now they’re qualified to make the decision as opposed to Wait, what happens? What’s going on? Which is why from the hyp nopec perspective, by the way, when someone calls me up, my website is very thorough.

There’s a frequently asked questions, there’s a ton of videos, and when someone calls me up and asks a very standard question, Yeah, I don’t really know about this stuff. Is it okay if I bring my friends so you don’t make me do stuff when my eyes are closed? The FEMA is always see them where they are, help them get where they’d want to.

Now, I’ve already answered those questions on videos and frequently asked things on my website. Great. You really haven’t done a lot of research, so I tell you what, I’ve actually put together a very brief video that answers a lot of common questions that people would have. Could I get an E, actually, the right phrase.

What’s the best email address to send that to you so you can watch it and some other things as well. And I’ll give you a call in two. . Notice I didn’t ask you. You wanna give your email address, yes or no? Remember the presupposition, What’s the best email address I can send that off to? And now that video educates, what’s the other best model to fold into your business?

Duplicate yourself, because that piece of information does it for me, and it’s going to answer questions you didn’t even know to ask yet. By the time I then reconnect with that person, it’s a three or four minute phone. I have a qualified, I have a sophisticated client buyer on my hands. I’m gonna be sharing the technology to do this as we roll forward.

So sell that next step, sell that next step. The concept of duplicating yourself. What are those things that you do over and over and over that perhaps don’t have to be you? And I wanna put a filter out there, first of all, cuz in a moment I’m gonna be talking about sending out emails. I’m gonna be talking about.

Perhaps materials, you can send them by mail. I’m gonna be talking about videos, and my filter is always this. I’m only ever going to be pulling myself physically out of my business, and by doing so, increasing the quality that I’m providing for my clients. Thanks for listening to the Work Smart Hypnosis [email protected]

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