Howard Cooper joins me today to ruin a magic trick that he has been using in response to client questions such as ‘What do I do if this wears off?’ and ‘What do I do if this stops working?’


Howard Cooper is a rapid change consultant, hypnotist, and founder of Rapid ChangeWorks where he helps clients make rapid changes and overcome obstacles such as fear and anxiety. He also provides professional support for hypnotherapists through online training, training events, blogs, and on his podcast, the Rapid Change Matters Podcast. Howard has made contributions to media outlets such as the BBC and Daily Telegraph. He has also spent two years as the lead psychological presenter on Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear course.


In this session, he reveals how a magic trick works, the purpose of it, and shares alternative techniques that can be used to gain a similar result. He also shares his views on setting the frame for change and highlights the importance of removing resistance and using suggestions before the work begins.

“The argument doesn’t have to make perfect sense necessarily. It just needs to feel like it does enough for them to buy in.” – Howard Cooper

  • The magic trick response to the question: ‘Will this be a lasting change?’
  • How the magic trick makes its point.
  • An alternative technique that you can use.
  • Starting a client session and setting the frame and expectation correctly.
  • Evoking states, ideas, and suggestions before beginning the ‘hypnosis part.’
  • Making mistakes, learning from them, and doing things in a better way.
  • Spotting internal resistance and clearing the space for change.

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