David Snyder joins me today to share techniques you can use to boost your persuasion power. He reveals how to be more influential by using conversational hypnosis while taking on personas that will affect the emotional state of your client. He also shares examples of client conditioning for compliance and explains the research behind power poses and how these postures can create a positive state.

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David is the owner of David Snyder NLP and Hypnosis, where he offers NLP and hypnosis training. David is a Master Practitioner and Trainer who develops educational programs designed to raise the skill level of hypnotists around the world. With a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Southern California University of Health Services, he is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on conversational hypnosis and a captivating speaker on mind/body technologies.

“It’s the personas that we take on that empower us or weaken us.” – David Snyder

  • How personas and socially programmed hypnotic triggers influence others.
  • An example of how personas and co-personalities can be given more energy and have greater dominance in a person’s life.
  • How to control your emotional state and enhance yourself as a result.
  • How your state and expectations can control the behavior of your client.
  • The consultation script David uses.
  • Conditioning your client for compliance.
  • How postures and power poses can create a positive state.
  • How your physiology controls your psychology on a cognitive level.
  • Using conversational hypnosis before the actual hypnosis starts.

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