Lori Hammond joins me today to share how she is going live on Facebook to offer value up-front and scale her business. She reveals what her Facebook Live events look like and the benefits of building rapport in the process of encouraging effective personal change in her weight loss niche. She also shares how group sessions work through Zoom conferencing and the advantages of these group sessions.

Lori is a Hypnotist and the Founder of Lori Hammond Hypnosis, which focuses on the weight loss niche and breaking unwanted addictions. Lori is committed to helping people transform their mindset through her 30-Day Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Release Program. She developed her program after battling with her addictive behavior around food and depression and has experience in treating people with anxiety, helping people reach their goals, and helping them stop smoking.

“Do it before you’re ready. It’s scary to get on Facebook Live but getting outside your comfort zone is an incredible process.” – Lori Hammond

  • Lori’s personal struggle with weight loss and how she found hypnosis.
  • Building rapport on Facebook and the benefits of delivering value first.
  • An example of Lori’s regular Facebook Live events.
  • Using the group dynamic though weekly Zoom sessions.
  • The different approaches and protocols to weight loss hypnosis.
  • How learning hypnosis has helped in many areas of Lori’s life.
  • Shifting mindsets to turn the metabolism up and turning the cravings down.
  • How to get started with weight loss hypnosis.

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