Lance Baker joins me today to discuss the features and benefits of hypnosis and shares how Reiki and other arts of healing changed his life for the better. He discusses the energy side of hypnosis and what sets it apart from other forms. He also shares how he applies his talent in sales when healing clients as well as other methods he tries to personalize.


Lance is the Founder of Branches of Healing and the author of Questioning skills for IMR Hypnosis and the Swan Protocol. He is a Reiki Master teacher and hypnosis trainer for the Australian Academy of Hypnosis. Lance became a healer by accident after struggling with a medical condition which caused frequent migraines for over a decade. His chronic pain eventually pushed him towards finding a Reiki practitioner in 2014. With the practitioner, he experienced pain relief like no other and has since become a believer. Convinced with the healing powers of the practice, Lance took Reiki classes in April of the same year and hasn’t looked back.

“You’re not going to get change unless the benefits of that change outweigh the cost” – Lance Baker

  • How having a background in sales influenced the way Lance does his work.
  • What the energy side of hypnosis is and some of its unique features.
  • How he introduces his practice to others.
  • His take on the Swan Protocol and his experience with using it.
  • The intelligence of our subconsciousness.
  • The choices that affected the type of hypnosis he wanted to learn.
  • Integrating new elements into his hypnosis practice.
  • Using sales talk to get the client to achieve the change they want.
  • How he helps smokers and people with eating disorders.
  • What readers can expect from his book.

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