Martin Castor Peterson joins me today to share how you can produce a significant and massive change in one session. He shares the situations where conversational hypnosis strategies create one session results. He stresses the importance of focusing on the intention over the behavior and why you should use positive alternatives to achieve true change in one session. Martin also shares how he convinces clients that change can happen in a split second and highlights the techniques you can use to produce rapid change with your clients.

Martin is an Executive Trainer and Consultant at The Hypno Academy, an organization that is dedicated to training the techniques of hypnosis, NLP, and HNLP. He is also the CEO, Trainer, and Master Instructor at The Hypno Academy International and the Owner of The Hypno Academy of Denmark. He is a sought-after speaker and the inventor of techniques such as The Induction Formula and SoulKey Therapy. Martin has multiple hypnosis certifications and frequently appears on radio and television as a featured expert.

“The bigger a problem the client thinks it is, the closer you get to a one session wonder.” – Martin Castor Peterson

  • When one session wonders are most likely to occur.
  • Why you need to focus on the intention behind the behavior.
  • Why you need to use positive alternatives to achieve one session change.
  • The techniques that create positive change within a one-hour session.
  • What hypnosis really is and how to create a better outcome.
  • How to create a client realization that change can happen in a split second.
  • Focusing on the result and the resource state over insight into the cause of the problem.
  • Details of the upcoming Train the Trainer Class of Martin’s protocols and techniques.

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