Marian Spurgeon joins me today to share her hypnosis approach of working with clients through an organic trance. She reveals how and why she works without scripts and highlights the ways in which she frames hypnosis and the trance state during the pre-talk. She shares her experiences of working with people with chronic illnesses and how she uses a tuning fork within her hypnotherapy sessions. Marian also describes the business strategies she is using to drive business, including referrals and networking on LinkedIn.

Marian is the Owner of Quad Cities Hypnosis, where she helps people resolve their emotional and physical health problems with a client-centric approach. Marian is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists and a member of the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. An instructor of Stephanie Conkle’s Profound Somnambulism Protocol, she is now working on a protocol of her own, which she expects to start teaching in 2020.

“When people open their eyes, I think they are just as deep as they are with their eyes closed.” – Marian Spurgeon

  • Why Marian chooses organic trance over formal inductions.
  • What submodalities are and how to use them to breakdown reality.
  • Methods of dissociating clients from their problems.
  • What it means if a client opens their eyes.
  • Setting up ‘trance’ expectations in the phone conversation and pre-talk.
  • Giving clients self-hypnosis techniques that they can take home with them.
  • Changing the way clients experience physical things when working with chronic illnesses.
  • How to use tuning forks for metaphors or for instant inductions.
  • Strategies for cultivating business through referrals and networking.

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