Today, I share my story of the recent office move of Virginia Hypnosis. I reveal why it was critical for me to move my office space and share insight into the decision that many businesses owners have to make; whether to buy or rent an office space. I explain the advantages of buying versus renting. I also share how the new office is set up for consulting with clients as well as hypnosis trainings and workshops.

There are many reasons you may decide to move to a new office space. Perhaps you are moving your hypnosis business into a dedicated office for the first time, or maybe you are looking to scale your business. You might want to add extra practitioners and your existing office doesn’t have space for it. Or maybe you want to move into a more affluent area. No matter the reason, moving your hypnosis office is a big decision – and one that needs careful consideration.

“You have a lot more haggling room when doing office space searches than, perhaps, you give yourself credit for.” – Jason Linett

  • Why I decided to move the Virginia Hypnosis office.
  • How the numbers helped decide whether to move to a bigger office.
  • The question of renting or buying an office.
  • Finding a mortgage or loan as a solo entrepreneur.
  • How financing can include construction and working capital.
  • The experience of using a temporary Regus office space.
  • How the new office its set-up to include consulting and teaching rooms.

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