Roberta Fernandez joins me today to share her work on pain management through Hypnotic Emotional Resolution. She describes how every client can get a degree of pain relief through hypnosis techniques and visualization. She also highlights why it is vital to learn and practice as many techniques as possible and never to stop learning.

Roberta is the Founder and President of FARE Hypnosis Center, where she specializes in pain management, emotional issues, stress, and sleep. She is a public speaker and author of the book Breaking Free from Pain and Opioids: Discovering the Hypnosis Option. The National Guild of Hypnotists recognizes her as a Board Certified Hypnotist and as a Certified Instructor, and she holds a Complementary Medical Certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists. Roberta is also certified in Advanced Pain Management.

“Emotional resolution work is all-encompassing. It involves regression work, forgiveness work, and future-pacing work.” – Roberta Fernandez

  • How Roberta’s corporate work transitioned into specializing in pain management.
  • The emerging opioids problem and Roberta’s Breaking Free from Pain and Opioids book.
  • Recognizing that everyone can achieve a degree of pain relief with hypnosis.
  • Using hypnosis and visualization to help chronic pain suffers, realize that they are on control.
  • The emotion attached to pain and the ‘what’s in it’ for the client.
  • Why it is critical to use all of the tools and techniques at your disposal.
  • Roberta’s advanced class for hypnotists on Emotional Resolution Work.
  • Why, as a hypnotist, you should practice and never stop learning.

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