Roy Hunter joins me today to share his four cornerstones of successful hypnotherapy. He describes the benefits approach and reveals the foundation of client-centered hypnosis, which can be used when you experience subconscious resistance. Roy describes each of the four cornerstones of hypnotherapy and shares working examples of each. He highlights why it is vital to have regression in your toolkit and at least one variation of parts therapy. He also stresses the importance of fitting the technique to the client.

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Roy is the founder of Roy Hunter’s Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, where he teaches hypnosis and advanced techniques to professionals from across the globe. He instructs clients and groups of clients self-hypnosis for professional or personal motivation. Roy is also a published author. His book “The Art of Hypnosis” is in its 3rd edition and is recommended for many schools of hypnosis around the world. Roy’s many accolades include the 2016 Outstanding Contribution to Hypnotherapy, National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, and the 2016 Special Award for Services to the Hypnotherapy Profession.

“When there is strong subconscious resistance to the positive approach, that’s where you have to go through all four hypnosis objectives, because if you only do three of them, you may not have lasting results.” – Roy Hunter

  • The benefits approach to hypnotherapy.
  • Using the four cornerstones of hypnotherapy when there is subconscious resistance.
  • What the four cornerstones of hypnotherapy are.
  • Initiating the release through regression therapy.
  • How release can result in a domino effect of benefits.
  • An explanation of parts therapy and its variations.
  • Why it’s important to know at least one variation of parts therapy.
  • Using subconscious relearning and post-hypnotic suggestion.

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*Note that the programs will arrive by digital delivery within 24 hours of placing the order.

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