James Tripp joins me today to share his story and his methodology of “Hypnosis Without Trance.” He reveals how he is working with clients in a non-formal way, using improvisation and non-verbal suggestion. James describes how hypnotists can deal with perceived failure through client engagement during hypnosis sessions. He also highlights how he is harnessing what is working right now and shares his views on the roles of art, craftsmanship, and science within the field of hypnosis.

James is the founder of Hypnosis Without Trance. He teaches hypnosis and puts a focus on doing hypnosis in a fresh new way. James is a hypnotist, mentalist, NLP practitioner, author, speaker, and transformative coach who experiments with waking hypnosis in different contexts. He runs exclusive hypnosis mastery programs focused on revolutionary NLP and hypnosis techniques. James also works with UK military veterans, helping them to restore their mental health and adapt back into civilian life.

“Hypnosis is a co-creation with the person you are working with.” – James Tripp

  • How the power of ‘chi’ in martial arts piqued James’s interest in hypnosis.
  • Pacing, leading, flowing, and interrupting patterns.
  • How hypnosis is a co-creation between the hypnotist and the client.
  • Getting feedback from the client during hypnosis to create custom suggestions.
  • The advantages of keeping the client in an interactive state.
  • Using Spatial Organization (non-verbal suggestion) and weaving it into the conversation.
  • Why getting into the experience is better than getting through the experience for hypnotists.
  • The roles of craft, art, and science in hypnosis.

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