Patricia Eslava Vessey joins me today to share the techniques of HypnoKinesthetics, a system that pulls together the mind and body with movement and NLP. She describes how this system helps to motivate the real changes that people are looking to make in their lives and shares her 30-years of experience while working in challenging situations as a counselor, before finding a passion for coaching and hypnosis. She describes how she works with people who are overweight and why support and client-accountability forms an essential part of her approach.

Patricia is the founder of Integrity Coaching and Training Systems, a HypnoCoaching business that empowers people to make positive changes in their lives. Patricia is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, ICF, Fitness Trainer, and a PCC Credentialed Coach. She has spent her career helping people with personal empowerment and coaching executives and business owners. She is the author of several books and is both a trainer and speaker on the topic of NLP and hypnosis.

“HypnoKinesthetics is a system where you find the issue inside your mind and let it express itself in a movement or gesture.” – Patricia Eslava Vessey

  • Bringing together the counselor, coach, and hypnotist to focus on mind and body.
  • The formulas for grabbing the attention of an audience and holding it.
  • How to take the lessons you learn through experience and put it into your future.
  • Understanding clients and techniques for working with people who are overweight.
  • Creating a plan, setting client-accountability for that plan, and modifying the program in future sessions.
  • How HypnoKinesthetics combines movement, mind-body, and NLP patterns.
  • How the body holds memories that the mind doesn’t.
  • Using movement instead of hypnotic visualization to solve problems.

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