Mailin Colman joins me today to share how hypnotherapists need hypnotic resilience to continue having a healthy career. She reveals the multiple sides of resilience and shares why compassionate detachment is essential. Mailin describes what to expect at the AHA World Conference and highlights the networking opportunities that will be available. She also shares how hypnotherapy has developed as a profession throughout Australia.

Mailin is the president of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and a clinical hypnotherapist and counselor at The Health Collective in Alice Springs. Mailin has been practicing hypnotherapy since 2002 and has specialized training in hypnosis pain management. Mailin’s passion is to help people find freedom from negative emotional issues, fears, and stress. Her qualifications include an advanced diploma in hypnosis and a diploma in professional counseling.

“You have to have compassionate detachment. Yes, you care, but you have to walk out of the office without laying awake all night thinking about their problems.” – Mailin Colman

  • How Mailin blends counseling techniques with hypnotherapy.
  • Working with other health professionals.
  • Bringing Australian hypnotherapy into the mainstream.
  • What to expect at the AHA World Conference.
  • The multiple sides of resilience.
  • Why it is vital to develop compassionate detachment.
  • Working with distractions that occur during client sessions.
  • The networking opportunities at the AHA World Conference.

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