Steve Woods joins me today to share how his mobile hypnosis business takes hypnotism into people’s homes. He describes the advantages of performing hypnosis in the homes of clients and reveals how you can use environmental distractions to your advantage. He highlights why hypnotic phenomena and finding the client’s motivation for change are vital. He also shares how he builds credibility and visibility through networking events.

Steve is the Founder and Director of Experiential Hypnosis, which helps people bring about life changes. Steve is a registered professional hypnotist in the UK and combines hypnosis with NLP and mindfulness. He specializes in wellbeing and works with organizations such as The British Medical Association and Children’s Hospice. Steve travels throughout the UK to offer talks to increase the awareness and power of hypnotic change.

“Hypnosis is a belief thing. I’ve got to believe that I can do it, and they have to think that I can do it as a client.” – Steve Woods

  • Why being out there in front of people is still the best way to bring in clients.
  • The strengths of performing hypnosis in people’s homes.
  • How to use potential environmental distractions to deepen hypnosis.
  • Methods for keeping clients actively engaged during hypnosis.
  • Why hypnotic phenomena are important.
  • Why you need to find the client’s motivations for change.
  • Steve’s business model and networking strategy.
  • How to build visibility and credibility.
  • How to set the result in motion, before you call attention to it.

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